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References of LASCAD Users

"I have found LASCAD to be a useful tool, especially in conjunction with TracePro, for the evaluation of thermal lens and resonator mode performance in diode-pumped solid-state resonators. I look forward to continuing with the recent version of LASCAD that now include 3-level as well as 4-level laser materials. The LASCAD graphical user interface is intuitive and relatively easy to use. I have found the FEA and BPM data output files to export easily into Excel and other programs for additional use. For a relatively inexpensive program, LASCAD offers a lot of computation power for the Electro-optic and Laser engineer. I have recommended LASCAD to several of my colleagues and all of them have been pleased."
Paul E. Jackson, Ph.D.
Senior Laser Engineer
Systems Engineer Sr Stf
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
5600 Sand Lake Road MP-450
Orlando, FL 32819-8907, USA

"I used LASCAD in the design of my current laser project and so far the laser has performed wonderfully with the resonator design I came up with in LASCAD (when the thermal lensing crystal was included) ..."
Timothy Shuman
Senior Laser Engineer
Cutting Edge Optronics
20 Point West Boulevard
St. Charles, MO 63301, USA

"Actually, I'm a happy customer of the laser simulation program LASCAD. I use other software for optical applications, and LASCAD is one of my favorites ..."
Jimmy Yang
Senior Laser Engineer
Thermo Laser Science
8E Forge Parkway
Franklin, MA 02038

"I like the program very much and have been doing successful laser cavity design with LASCAD."
Dr. Helen Pask
Centre for Lasers and Applications,
Macquarie University, NSW 2109, Australia

"We now are using LASCAD several years for development of RGB lasers for applications in display technology, and could achieve very good results in cavity design optimization of our folded resonator systems with the help of the program. In conclusion we can say that LASCAD is a very important program for development of laser resonators that allows quick simulation of different parameter configurations."
Dr. Jürgen Kränert
Technical director laser development
SCHNEIDER Laser Technologies AG
07548 GERA, Germany

"AZURA LASER AG is using LASCAD successfully for 2 years. The program has been helping us a lot to speed up development of our laser system MESA AC. Results of simulation have been in excellent agreement with our experiments."
Heike Voss
General Manager
Schwarzschildstr. 1, D-12489 Berlin, Germany

"LASCAD is a very useful tool, that helped us to increase the output power and the beam quality of our laser resonators during the recent years. Simulation results turned out to be in very good agreement with our measuerements. Quick visualisation of results makes the program very valuable for research as well as for education."
Dr. Ralf Knappe
Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Wallenstein
Laserphysik und nichtlineare Optik, Universität Kaiserslautern
Erwin Schrödinger Str. 46, D-67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany

"I'm very satisfied with my experience of using LASCAD that helped me to design several high performance laser cavities ..."
Alexander Kachanov
Laboratoire de Spectrometrie Physique
Universite J. Fourier Grenoble I
BP 87, 38402 Saint Martin D'Heres Cedex, France