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During the last 15 years LASCAD has become an industry-leading software package for LASer Cavity Analysis and Design. The feedback from a large community of users has helped us gather experience for optimizing laser resonator design.
For this purpose LASCAD provides a unique combination of simulation tools:
Integration of these modules into one program package makes LASCAD a versatile instrument to model laser cavities, and to solve the problems laser engineers are confronted with. LASCAD especially provides the following computational capabilities:
  • Analysis of the 3-D nonlinear interaction of thermal and optical fields, commonly known as thermal lensing effect, which is one of the key problems in solid-state laser design,
  • Computation of efficiency and power output,
  • Modelling of multimode competition, beam profile, and beam quality,
  • Computation of pulse shape and pulse energy for Q-switch operation,
  • Numerical Eigenmode Analysis,
  • Beam Propagation outside the laser cavity.
Based on a quantitave model of the multiphysics effects in laser cavities, LASCAD allows the laser engineer to control and compensate individual features of a resonator design prior to committing hardware.